Youtube works just like your average television channel—you have the broadcaster and the audience. The broadcaster, or in this case the Youtube content creator, can only be profitable if his or her audience, or in this case Youtube viewership, continues to grow. However, a difference arises in that television must always gradually accumulate a large audience, whereas you as a Youtube creator can bypass the long waiting period and achieve high view counts in just a day. You want to have the largest audience possible, and to do this, you must attract more and more viewers to your Youtube videos. Videos with high view counts tend to do this naturally—everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon. Plus, Youtube advertises the most often-viewed videos on its homepage, thus providing you even more exposure! Instead of waiting for viewers to stumble onto your videos, why not ensure your own success and use Buy Tubes to your benefit?



Unlike our competitors, we do not attempt to circumvent Youtube’s Terms of Use in pursuit of higher view counts and likes. While they try to cheat the system with computer code and robot views, we provide quality views and likes to your videos, preventing any negative ramifications to your account. We know how important your Youtube account is to your business, and we would never to anything to jeopardize your online success. In fact, we will never ask for personal information like account passwords, so you can feel confident in the security of your account.

Buy Tubes does not try to trick Youtube with fake views or robots. Youtube monitors its site for any tampering with the view count—you may have noticed that the view counter pauses around 300 views; this is Youtube investigating a video for fraudulent practices. If you choose to use Buy Tubes, you need not worry about Youtube finding fault with your videos. We provide your videos with real views, so there is no chance of your account being banned. We give our customers the finest service possible—we want the best for you!

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